Q.:What is Digital Bharat diary?

Ans.: This is national platform of numerous Zila Diary /District Diary.

Q.: Is relation between Zila diary or Bharat Diary?

Ans. Yes Both are same product with same moto.

Q.: About SAY 2 U group?

Ans. SAY 2 U Group – SAY2U Print Media, Zila diary, New Dimension Multipurpose Academy Pvt.Ltd. ,Pushpyagya Charitable Trust, Bharatdiary.org(web organization), SRISHTI MEDICAL CENTRE,Hindustandiary.com, worlddiary.org and worldonline.in have more than 25 platform to work and develop.

Q.: Why online promotion need?

Ans.: Its very simple and effective  in present scenario.

Q.Future of online portion?

Ans.: online market fastly developing.

Q.: Is banner option on web portal?

Ans.:  Yes , Available.

Q.:How online promotion will help to grow my local business?

Ans.: Its attract to client through Digital Promotion.

Q.:How it can help to local business / services?

Ans.: User, Visitors, Unique Visitors  as well as our clients can order your product and services.

Q.:Benefit to registration on portal?

Ans. Positve Brand making as well as Faith developing in your product/ services/Business.

Q.:How much time to take publish my business card on portal?

Ans.: 3 to 5 working day.

Q.: Editiong window for displayed information !

Ans.: 3 to 5 working day.

Q.Which way it is local ?

Ans.Its Bhartiya Company and Organisation.( LOCAL ORG FOR LOCALITE and BY LOCALITE)

Q.:Is it  organized or corporate ?

Ans.: Yes

Q.:Vision of this web organization ?

Ans.: Customized, classified and verified information and Developing  Bhartiya Encyclopaedia. 

Q.When bharat diary web porgrame started ?

Ans.: From 2014 although online presence since 2005.

Q.When SAY 2 U group founded ?

Ans. In 2002

Q.Have experienced in print media work?

Ans.: Since 2002

Q.:How connected to common people ?

 Ans.: FOR common men by common men and for common men.

Q.Why registration cost is too low ?

Ans. We want to reach to maximum people thereby cost should not be barrier.

Q.:In first phase how many city taken to develop digital city?

Ans. 10 cities.

Q.: Instrument for business/services information?

Ans.:Web portal mobile friendly and Customised information.

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