Mizoram special traditional dishes and its importance in Mizoram culture. Here are a few popular Mizo dishes one can try -

  1. BAI

Bai is the signature dish of Mizoram. It is a stew prepared out of an assortment of vegetables. Bai can be prepared in a variety of ways by combining different seasonal vegetables. Mixed vegetable Bai is easy to prepare and is one of the popular household dishes of Mizoram, which represents their rich culture and tradition.


Chhum Han is a mixed vegetable dish and is very healthy. The dish is cooked sans the use of any masalas and the vegetables are steamed till its tender. Ginger is added into the dish for extra flavour. It is a very quick and healthy recipe which can be consumed by people on diet as well.


Mizo Vawksa is a widespread traditional non-veg dish of Mizoram. The cuisine of Mizoram is based on non-vegetarian dishes. The dish is prepared with pork and other herbs. Mizo Vawksa is the most famous smoked pork dish of Mizoram which represents their tribe's culture.


Sanpiau is one of the most popular dishes of Mizoram. Sanpiau recipe comes from the type of Burmese Congee called 'Hysan byok'. And as the dish started spreading across Mizoram, Hysan byok came to be known as 'San Peuh' and eventually 'Sanpiau'. This snack is very much famous in Mizoram and is enjoyed by the people of Mizoram as a snack


The other most famous snack in Mizoram is 'Bamboo shoot fry'. The dish is very much popular in Mizoram. The bamboo shoot is fried with locally found herbs and is served hot. It is a light dish and can be consumed with steamed rice.


Panch phoran is a mix of whole spices in equal parts, such as Seeds, Nigella seeds, Fenugreek, Fennel Seeds, Cumin seeds and Mustard. Here Panch means 'Five' and Phoran means 'Tempering'. This dish is prepared in many parts of Mizoram and a non-vegetarian version of the dish can also be made. The dish is spiced to perfection and is delicious.


Bekang is another side dish that compliments and goes very well with the Mizoram meat dishes. This is a dish of fermented soya beans. It is a low-cost food with high nutrition and protein and also plays a very important role in Mizoram culture. Bekang is consumed raw or is made into a curry with the addition of salt, green chillies and tomatoes.


Mizoram koat pitha is a traditional fried sweet dish of the State. It's made with rice flour and banana. The dish is very warm and soft with a crispy outer layer. The dish makes for an ideal snack with tea.